Amir Ullah Khan will always be in the hearts of people of Pir Piai

The court must mete out exemplary punishment to those involved (Sikandar etc). Also their must be proper investigation so all the criminals involved in the murders should face the trial.

Amir Ullah Khan and his Family will always be in the the hearts and prayers of people of Pir Piai.


We all will alive this page and will show our support to Amir Ullah Khan.

O Allah ! Shower your mercy and peace on Amir Ullah Khan and his family. Let there grave be enlighten. Grant them jannah al firdaws. O Allah of the Universe, accept there good deeds and let it increase by many means. O Allah! Forgive them, elevate there status among the guided people and look after the family that they left behind. O Allah of the universe! Forgive us and them, comfort there graves and lighten it. AMEEN.
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